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“1C-Bitrix Site Manager” – a professional web project management system, universal software for the creation, support and successful development:

  • corporate sites
  • online stores
  • information portals
  • community sites
  • social networks and other web projects

Learn about product capabilities right now:

Mobile administration

Manage orders and receive reports on the main shop working with ordinary mobile devices. Quickly add product and ship the order by the bar code with a smartphone. Fully monitor the Internet trade, manage the status, allow the delivery of mobile and perform any other necessary steps to order processing.

Mobile applications

Rapidly develop, produce and upgrade without re-release mobile apps for iOS and Android for websites running on a platform of “1C-Bitrix”. Install the demo mobile web store app on your smartphone or tablet, see how it works – and make an application for your online store with partners “1C-Bitrix”.